feel better than yesterday ?hope tomorrow will be better !
did u ever having any stress?ahaa...wierd if you say no..
how u endure it?
eat 24 over 7? sleep like u hope there's no tomorrow? crying like hell? smile alone?
haha.,it's up to u how u handle your stress.but,there's something that i can share here..

mengucap ALLAH --> merelakskan badan, give a contact between hati dengan jantung, melancarkan pernafasan
ALHAMDULILLAH, INSYAALLAH, ALLAHUAKBAR -->menenangkan,nikmat ketenangan
ASTAGHFIRULLAH -->mengampunkan dosa
jangan prejudis
membaca AL-QURAN
senyum -->meringankan beban, memberi semangat

these are tips that can help to manage your stress instead of crying all day long..just take it easy and do your best.don't waste your precious tears with those things that you know you can make it simple.even though you had your hard time, believe that ALLAH is always with us.have faith in yourself.positively charge your mind.think of something nice and pretty.make friends !

penyakit------->kerana dosa

so,kalo stress..banyakkanlah beristighfar.moga ALLAH permudahkan segala urusan..


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