spongebob,patrick n squidward

Hye,kalau perasan lar,sekarang nie bnyak girlz y slalu tulis status kt fb psal spongebob la,squidward la n patrick..but,dis actually show thier status..hehe..I got a message from a girl..mybe tersalah send kot..hahaa..it's sound dis :

" Okay girls,time to confuse the boys again! If you are single write spongebob in your status, if you are taken write patrick and if you are single but your heart is like taken, write squidward:) Pass this on to everygirl on chat.......dont tell the boys its a girl thing!! :D KEEP THIS OURLITTLE SECRET........"

SECRET??oh,da t'bongkar lar..haha..btw,girlz..try again next time..hahaha


atie said...

oh yeah???muahahahhaha...lau cam 2 aku spongebob!!!hahahahha..ok..mcm 2 rupenye...kah3

andreo akMaL said...

bwu tw ke??hahaha..tipu ar spongebob..hahahaha

atie said...

sy spongebob...single2...:)

andreo akMaL said...

haha..yela sgt spongebob en..

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